4 Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo Ideas To Inspire Your Next Ink

Butterfly on Hand

Butterfly tattoos are often referred to as delicate feminine tattoos by default. That is why they are not very popular among guys. However, we would like to break this belief and tell you what a butterfly tattoo really means.

After reading this article, you will learn about all the meanings of this seemingly girlish tattoo. We have also provided a selection of the most popular butterfly patterns and the places where these tattoos would look best.

What does the butterfly tattoo mean?

It may surprise you, but in Mexico, a tattoo depicting this adorable insect was considered a powerful martial symbol. The ancient Maya believed that the souls of warriors slain in battles turned into butterflies.

From culture to culture, these insects have different meanings. In Japan, the butterfly is a symbol of family prosperity and success, as well as comfort and harmony. In China, butterflies represent immortality and the victory of good over evil. In Asian countries, this insect is surrounded by mysticism. That is why butterfly tattoos are taken seriously.

You probably know that butterflies go through an incredible process of metamorphosis, in which a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. The process of metamorphosis allows a creature that was once slow and clumsy to eventually become graceful and spread its wings in flight.

For many people, butterfly tattoos symbolize a great change, transformation, and the beginning of a new life. The transition through change is often painful and marks a time of hard struggle in a person’s life.

However, accepting change and noting its results is part of human development and one of the first signs of maturity.

Tattoo Color

Color is one of the most important components of visual perception. Emotions and colors are closely tied together. That is why it is the color that determines what emotions something causes in you and those people around you.

This directly applies to your tattoo since the color you choose can complement or completely change its meaning. This article describes in detail how the characteristics of a butterfly tattoo may change depending on its color.

butterfly tattoo

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The black butterfly tattoo is seen by many as a symbol of bad luck. But that’s not true. Black color does not distract your attention from the essence and allows you to focus on the most important details. The main thing is that you like your tattoo and enjoy its appearance. In addition, one cannot ignore the fact that black butterfly tattoos look quite stylish.

A white butterfly would be an interesting idea for a small tattoo. White is often used to represent purity and freedom, which goes well with the image of a butterfly. To make the pattern look even more sophisticated, try adding some color accents.

Red butterfly tattoos have a romantic meaning but can also become a symbol of anger or aggression depending on the context of the design. Some Indian tribes believe the tattoo symbolizes a strong spirit. More red butterfly tattoos are available in this collection.

A blue butterfly is something more than just a beautiful image. It has a message of joy and good fortune. You can even make a blue butterfly tattoo your talisman.

What to choose?

As it turns out, the butterfly tattoo has a much deeper meaning than is commonly believed. If you still have not decided on your tattoo design, please take a look at the examples below. Perhaps you will like one of them.

Small Butterfly

butterfly tattoo

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Small tattoos are currently very popular. Small butterfly tattoos look cute and delicate and can be used to decorate any part of your body. Just imagine that a little accent can change your entire look.

Minimalistic tattoos are a great solution if you don’t want to overload your pattern with a lot of details. Sometimes even a few lines are enough to convey the image of an object and make it recognizable. Butterfly tattoos are just such a case!

 Butterfly on a Flower

butterfly tattoo

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A butterfly with a flower is probably the most natural design for a tattoo, especially when it comes to femininity and beauty. This combination immediately evokes thoughts of spring, innocence, and serenity. However, the meaning of your tattoo depends on which flower you are going to choose.

For example, a butterfly and a flowering branch symbolize longevity and beauty, while a butterfly and a chrysanthemum mean youth beauty. A butterfly with a rose tattoo means passion, love, and transformation. It is a classic design that will never lose its relevance.

Watercolor Butterfly

butterfly tattoo

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If you consider yourself an art connoisseur, you will surely like watercolor tattoos. A watercolor design implies a number of subtle color gradients and techniques. Therefore, you will need time to find an experienced artist.

Watercolor butterfly tattoos look insanely delicate and airy, thus making you feel easy and relaxed. Do not forget that such tattoos may fade faster than traditional designs with strong color saturation. Remember to take care of your tattoo and protect it from the sun if you want to keep your tattoo bright and beautiful.

Old School Butterfly

butterfly tattoo

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American traditional tattoos have never gone out of fashion since they were introduced. They look perfect and amaze you with their details: thick outlines, bright colors, and daring plots.

Every year, old school tattoos win more and more hearts of artists and tattoo fans around the world. Why not tattoo an old school butterfly? This pattern became popular in the 1930s and was the main symbol of freedom and independence.

Inspired by the old motifs of traditional tattoos but still looking unique, a butterfly tattoo will suit every person and become a worthy part of any tattoo composition. However, do not be afraid to experiment and deviate from traditional canons. Choose the butterfly that will fully reflect your nature and mood!

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

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