5 Useful Tips on How to Choose a Floor Clothes Hanger for the Office and Home

clothes racks

This item will properly organize the space of an office or apartment and will only bring convenience and comfort for employees and guests.

Floor hanging racks from SONGMICS HOME have a number of advantages:

  • They can be moved and placed in any corner.
  • Easy assembly. It is enough to have only a screwdriver on hand to assemble or disassemble a floor-mounted clothes hanger rack.
  • They take up less space, while outerwear fits no less than in a large closet.

Before purchasing clothes stand, be sure to pay attention to several nuances:

Dimensions and capacity

If every centimeter of the room counts, then it is better to purchase the option with the smallest area. But here it is important not to forget about capacity, because if the hanger does not hold the required amount of clothes, then the money was wasted.

clothes on rack

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Portable models are perfect for shops, large homes and spacious walk-in closets. In other cases, it is only convenient to move the hanger and wash the floor.


Be sure to pay attention to whether the hanger falls over when there is a large amount of clothing or a heavy fur coat. If you cannot check this, then provide such an option so that you do not have to think about the load later.


It is important to provide for all types of things. For example, some models allow you to hang outerwear on hooks, and suits and jackets on hangers.

clothes rack with shelfes

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It is equally important to choose a floor stand to match the interior. If this is not a clothing store, then the stand should not be conspicuous. Choose the most discreet option so that it matches the decor while maintaining a utilitarian function.

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