A few fashion tips


People have different attitudes towards fashion. Some are ready to blindly follow trends and wear clothes of any color and style just because it is fashionable. Others deny fashion and only wear what they themselves see fit. However, the most sensible solution is to avoid any extremes. The truth is somewhere in between.

Are you afraid you won’t be able to find a balance between what is fashionable and what suits you personally? Expert advice on sites like https://f-rules.com/ is at your service.

When choosing clothes, shoes, and accessories, pay attention to the following aspects.

  1. Color. It’s important to know your color type, because hair color, eye color, skin tone make different shades look different on different people. Get a taste of the art of color matching at https://f-rules.com/match-colors/ and explore expert advice on choosing colors and shades.
  2. Type of figure. When choosing, one should take into account both height and weight, and the waistline, and the volume of the hips and chest, and the width of the shoulders. The correct selection of clothing will harmonize any figure.
  3. Lifestyle. It is obvious that the clothes of a stay-at-home mom and the head of a bank department will be noticeably different. This does not mean that your clothes should be uniform, it is only about the prevalence of one style or another.
  4. Quality. It seems to be obvious, but many still make the mistake of choosing fashionable styles and colors but cheap low-quality materials. In addition, such clothes are often poorly sewn. As a result, your dress or trousers quickly lose their attractive appearance. Better to spend a little more, but buy something that you don’t have to throw away after the first wash.

With the advice of fashion experts and your own sense of style, your look will not only be fashionable but also truly beautiful.

Photo by Nicola Styles on Unsplash

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