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The industrial style has been gaining more and more fans over the years. Its raw character, unsophisticated elegance and functionality are ideally suited to the needs of contemporary interior design. As raw, untreated materials are a key element of this style, microcement proves to be the perfect complement to this aesthetic. Not only does it offer a unique look, but it also combines perfectly with other materials characteristic of the industrial style, such as steel, wood and brick.

What is microcement?

Microcement, also known as micro concrete or beton cire, is an extremely versatile material that is gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional floor and wall finishes. Consisting mainly of cement and polymer resin, micro concrete offers the strength and flexibility that many traditional materials lack. Its thin layer allows it to be used virtually anywhere, from floors and walls to ceilings and furniture. What’s more, Beton cire is available in a wide range of colours, opening up a broad spectrum of interior design possibilities.

How does microcement fit into the industrial style?

The industrial style, known for its rawness and untreated elements, harmonises perfectly with the characteristics of micro concrete. This unusual material brings authenticity and a unique texture to the interior. On top of this, its slight thickness allows it to maintain a uniform appearance, which is key in the minimalist aesthetic of the industrial style. Add to this the fact that beton cire can be overlaid on existing surfaces, which fits perfectly with the idea of recycling and using already existing materials valued in the style in question.

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Microcement application

The application of beton cire in an industrial context is a fairly straightforward process, but one that requires precision. Typically the application consists of three main stages: priming, the actual application of the micro concrete and painting. Each of these stages plays a key role in achieving the desired effect. Priming prepares the surface and ensures better adhesion. The microcement is then applied in several layers to achieve the desired texture and strength. The final stage is sealing, which protects the surface and gives it its final appearance.

Why industrial style microcement?

Industrial style is all about authenticity, and micro concrete is the perfect choice for those who want to maintain a raw but elegant aesthetic in their interiors. Its durability and resistance to wear and tear make it an ideal material for floors, walls and even ceilings. Combining it with other elements typical of the industrial style, such as steel beams, brick walls or concrete details, can create a cohesive and sophisticated look.

How do I choose the colour and texture?

The choice of micro concrete colour and texture will depend on a number of factors, including lighting, room layout and other materials used in the design. The industrial style is often dominated by dark, raw colours that add depth and character to the interior. Choosing the right texture and colour of microcement can therefore set the mood for the entire room. From matte, uniform surfaces to those with a distinct texture, the possibilities are almost endless.

Microcement applications in the industrial style

It is not only floors or walls that can be covered with microcement in industrial interiors. This versatile material is also great for kitchen worktops, stairs and even bathrooms. Beton cire is waterproof, which opens the door for it in rooms where traditional solutions often fail. When combined with metal accents or raw wood, micro concrete gains extra depth and becomes a key interior feature.

Maintenance tips

The key to keeping microcement looking perfect is regular care. Despite its durability, like any material, it requires some maintenance. It is advisable to use special cleaning products that do not contain aggressive chemicals. In addition, regular waxing or impregnation of the surface will ensure its longevity and maintain its original appearance.


Industrial-style micro concrete is not only an aesthetic but also a practical choice. Its versatility and durability make it suitable for almost any room, from the kitchen to the bathroom. In addition, its ease of maintenance and the wide range of colours and textures available make it the ideal material for those who wish to personalise their spaces. When combined with other elements characteristic of the industrial style, microcement allows you to create interiors with real character.

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