The most fashionable, the most interesting … in the world of TV shows

The most fashionable, the most interesting ... in the world of TV shows.

In any era, a person wants to correspond to a certain status.  To create your own unique style, you need to know the current fashion.  Fashion is a temporary predominance of certain tastes in a certain period of time and tends to change frequently.  A fashion lover is one who is aware of all these changes.  This is someone who loves to buy clothes from famous brands and from famous designers, this is someone who knows exactly what style and what color is popular this season.  But fashion is not just about clothes.  A fashion lover follows fashion trends in music, home decoration, food.  This is a person who is interested in the latest in technology and who is familiar with modern films and TV series.

Gone are the days when people thought of a bored housewife when talking about a TV series lover.  Visit the UK Air Dates website and check out the variety of movies and TV shows available today.  In fact, there are plenty to choose from.  Sci-fi and historical TV shows, action films and romantic comedies, sequels to legendary franchises and novelties … you can really get lost in this abundance!  It is to help you navigate the world of modern television that UK Air Dates exists.  Brief annotations and trailers, selections of films and TV series by genre, dates of premieres, collected in one place, will help you create your own TV “menu”.

Today the viewer is spoiled.  In order for the series to become popular and fashionable, it must have some flavor, be different.  Stylish TV shows are in fashion today, where an exciting story is combined with a flawless picture.  Pay attention to Pennyworth air date.  It is an American drama television series based on DC Comics characters.  In other words, the series takes place in the Batman universe, not in the United States but in the United Kingdom and in the sixties of the twentieth century.  But this is not the Beatles’ London of freedom and rock and roll.   This is the story of Alfred Pennyworth, the future butler of Batman, and it’s a noir story. The atmosphere of the series is somewhat dark but definitely stylish. The story will lead our hero into many dangerous situations and confront secret societies, criminals, madmen, and radicals.  And Alfred will come out of all of them stylishly and without wrinkling his collar.

Pennyworth is something that will appeal to comic book lovers, thrill-seekers, black humor lovers, and spy-movie lovers alike.  This is a series worthy of attention for those who do not want to miss out on current trends.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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