What kinds of covers are there?

What kinds of covers are there?

A cover is a very important element that can save your phone from bad luck, dirt or scratches. Today, touchscreen smartphones require special attention, which is why they need appropriate protection.

A case can not only protect your phone, but also decorate it, add some features, or even complement the image.  It is very important to choose a high-quality and beautiful case that will last a long time.

Covers come in different models, namely:

* overlays – a convenient and affordable option that protects the side edges and the back surface of the gadget;

* cases – have a soft or semi-rigid base, and their execution pleases with its elegance and thoughtfulness;

* holsters – represented by a case or a book. The products are attached to the belt and allow you to free your hands, and in some situations it is absolutely vital;

* sports – made in the format of a belt with a case, and their use is indispensable when playing sports;

* extreme – provide the phone with increased security and exclude the penetration of water into the case;

* multifunctional – such products can be supplemented with a bank card department, built-in battery and even serve as your full-fledged wallet. They have more impressive dimensions, but in some situations they make it possible to do without additional accessories.

The choice depends on your desires.

There are also various materials from which the covers are made. Metal products have excellent technical characteristics and are able to save even the most serious troubles. Their carbon counterparts are just as useful, but in most situations, a regular accessory made of good quality plastic is enough.  Leather covers like Velante iphone cases do not slip in the hand, so the risk of dropping the gadget is reduced, even if it is wet and perfectly add elegance and peculiarity to your look. Only the quality of the product and its perfect compatibility with the model of a particular phone are important.

Photo by Jonas Vandermeiren on Unsplash

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