The Scope of Silkscreen Printing

The Scope of Silkscreen Printing

Currently, the use of the screen-printing method is widespread, which is associated with the specific capabilities of silk screen printing.

The uniqueness of the screen technology is the possibility of using a wide range of printing inks on various binders, which allow you to work on any materials, apply the image to any surface: paper, plastic, glass, fabric, metal, etc. In addition to paints, screen printing is convenient to use for applying various varnishes and adhesive layers for the manufacture of self-adhesive papers and films.

Depending on the material being sealed, there are several main types of screen printing.

Small-format screen printing

This is printing on any flat surfaces. Especially this printing is used on PVC materials, paper, cardboard, the printing format of which does not exceed 39×55 inches. It is characterized by custom silk screen stencils for a variety of applications:

  • representative products: business cards, letterheads, postcards, envelopes, folders;
  • advertising products for places of sale: wobblers, mobiles, flags, etc.;
  • labels based on self-adhesive paper and film;
  • drawing images on boxes, bags and other packaging;
  • stickers based on self-adhesive film for various applications;
  • applying the image to the plastic with subsequent molding.

Large-format silkscreen printing

Similar to previous type of screen printing, but with flat printing of large formats. These are mainly products for outdoor advertising and information:

  • posters, posters, banners;
  • road signs and signs;
  • light boxes and signs, stained glass windows;
  • industrial products and parts of finished products;
  • mirrors, as part of finished products in the manufacture of furniture;
  • corrugated packaging, bags and large-format bags.

Screen printing on finished textile products

It is also popular to use silk screen stencils on finished textile products to create a unique design: printing on T-shirts, jackets, sweaters, bags, baseball caps, etc., both by direct printing and using thermal transfer technologies.

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