Manicure With Gel Polish: What Are You Doing Wrong?

Manicure with gel polish

Not everyone has the opportunity to get a gel-coated manicure in the salon. And someone just doesn’t want to trust their nails to some master. In such cases, it is impossible to save on materials. First of all, you need to buy high-quality gel varnishes, for example, kodi professional. Such varnishes have a high-quality coating, a good color palette. But your manicure depends not only on the quality of the materials, but also on the technique. There are several popular mistakes to avoid.

  1. Incorrect application of gel polish

For some girls, such a manicure “with a hump” seems more stable, and they apply gel polish with a thick layer. The mistake is that they create volume on the free edge of the nail, and it should be in the middle – then it will turn out naturally.

Do not forget that there are different types of nail plates. In some girls they are already convex, that is, with a “hump”. No matter how thinly you apply the gel polish, the manicure looks heavy. Now there is a method of leveling nails (done with a special gel or base, if it is resistant), after it the nail will look thinner, and the manicure will be neater.

  1. You don’t remove the coating on time

After two weeks, the gel polish needs to be removed. Nails grow back and begin to bend; the coating breaks off. It seems to the girl that the problem is in it, but the nail, due to growth and shape change, literally peels off from the gel polish.

  1. You peel off the gel polish

Even the most ideal coating will not withstand constant mechanical influences. This is the only reason why gel polish on nails will not last two weeks.

Also, you need a practice to make the coating even. Then you will be able to do a manicure at home, replenishing your collection with various kodi gel lacquers from the entire color palette.

Photo by Oleg Ivanov on Unsplash

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