Why Lip Gloss is Better than Lipstick

a woman in front of a dressing table with lip gloss in her hands

There are two extremes in the lip makeup trend: bright, better matte, lipstick and light transparent lip gloss. What to choose? Of course, no one forbids the use of both. But it’s still useful to look at the pros and cons of lipsticks and glosses for an easier choice.


Let’s start with the fact that lipstick refers to a more restrained style.  It is appropriate in the office, at important and solemn events. Shimmer lipgloss is perfect for informal everyday life.

Gloss allows you to create a mischievous and flirtatious look and suits even young girls, while lipstick makes its mistress serious or even fatal, besides, it outlines a clear contour of the lips, and therefore is more suitable for those who are older.


Image by Shiny Diamond from Pexels


Another important point of comparison is durability. Lipstick after a few hours can begin to noticeably wear off in the place where the upper and lower lips touch, and this does not look the best. You have to tint your lips – which is not easy to do quickly and, on the go, or wash the lipstick completely. Glitter is also not always durable, but thanks to its more transparent colour, this is not so noticeable. Yes, and it’s much easier to fix the gloss.

However, there are also very persistent lipsticks. But – and here we go to the next point of comparison – they can dry out the lips. It’s not always pleasant. With glosses, this almost never happens.


Image by Pexels from Pixabay


The next important comparison is stickiness. Lipstick definitely wins here – in that it is not at all sticky. But glosses are often just like that – therefore, not only loose long hair or HD Lace wig can stick to the lips, but also all sorts of small particles hovering in the air. You just have to choose non-sticky lip glosses.

Of course, in fact, you should have both products in your makeup bag. Moreover, they are in vogue. Matte lipsticks are relevant, and the texture of glosses has remained unchanged.

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