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One of the advantages of electric scooter is that no driving licences of any category are required for this type of transport.

If you compare it with two-wheeled counterparts, the electric scooter undoubtedly looks more advantageous due to its unsurpassed ergonomics. Some iScooter models are easy to fold and turn into a transportable item.

How to use an electric scooter

If you have ever ridden a regular scooter, then you will learn how to handle the electric version instantly. To turn on the electric scooter, you need to press a corresponding button, which is most often located on the handle bar, next to the display. If an alarm is installed, press the unlock button on the keychain. To start, turn the throttle lever, the scooter will start to gain speed.

To stop, either brake handles are used (as on a bicycle), or a brake handle similar to the throttle handle, which provides smooth regenerative braking. On some models, you can brake with the rear wing, which is pressed against the wheel with your foot.

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If you are planning to get on an electric scooter for the first time, it is worth taking care of safety – wear a helmet and protective gloves, and even better knee pads and elbow pads.

Despite the fact that most models have a certain level of moisture protection, you should not ride an electric scooter in the pouring rain and drive through deep puddles. It is because water can get into the electronics and disable it. This is especially critical for the battery, which in most cases is located under the platform on which you are standing, and is the most expensive component.

Follow all these recommendations, and your enjoy scooter riding a long time.

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