Which Hoverboard to Buy for a Child from 6 to 11 Years Old

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Modern kids dream to get a hoverboard as a gift. Parents who decide to purchase this “miracle of technology” need to learn the features of its choice.

Hoverboard for children 10-11 years old

The main difference between mini-hoverboards is the diameter of the wheels. Focus on this characteristic.

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If you are faced with the question of which hoverboard for kids of 10 and 11 years old to buy, models with a wheel diameter of 10 or 10.5 inches are recommended. Such devices are designed to drive not only on a flat surface, but also on the sidewalk, grass, bumps. The weight of such a segway is 13 kg.

Due to the inflatable wheels, vibration is extinguished, which eliminates the load on feet. The models are equipped with a mobile application.

The best model for a child 8-9 years old

If you want to know which hoverboard is better to buy for a child from 8 to 9 years old, choose a model with a wheel diameter of 8, 8.5 or 10 inches. They are also equipped with a special application. It allows you to use your smartphone to adjust the speed, check the total mileage, diagnose the device, monitor the battery discharge, adjust the sensitivity of sensors.

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Category 6-7 years old

The optimal age for a child to ride a hoverboard is 6-7 years. Younger children weighing less than 20 kg are not able to press the button and operate the device. A mini hoverboard with 6.5-inch wheels is recommended for children of this age. It is easy to operate, it is easy to make left and right turns, accelerate and keep the speed constant. The size of the wheels makes its dimensions as convenient as possible. It weighs no more than 10 kg.

You can choose and buy a hoverboard for a child 6-11 years old from the iHoverboard brand online.

Image by ihoverboard.co.uk

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