Fitness Clothing – How to Make a Sports Capsule?

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When choosing sportswear, you should consider two criteria – comfort and functionality. In sportswear, you should be comfortable in any way – this is the only way you will feel confident during training.

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Try more interesting combinations

For example, put on basic leggings and complement them with a crop top and sleeveless jacket in bright colors.

Play with the outfit palette and put on black bodycon capri pants and a sports top in a color block style. Put on a sweatshirt in a contrasting color, such as red or green. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new fashion combinations.

Black leggings

Black leggings are basic sportswear for fitness. Neutral black suits everyone without exception. In addition, sweat stains are not visible on dark clothes, which is also a great advantage. For training, choose high-waisted models that will ensure a good fit during active movement.

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Loose T-shirt

Many women prefer tight-fitting tank tops, and that makes sense. But we recommend periodically alternating T-shirts with loose-fitting T-shirts, especially on less active days. Also, a loose fit T-shirt is suitable for those who plan to do stretching or a few relaxing yoga practices after intense fitness.

Athletic shorts

For fitness classes on cool days, you should definitely choose leggings or thermal underwear (if you are planning an outdoor workout). But in late spring and summer, we recommend changing into breathable shorts. If you don’t feel comfortable exercising in short shorts, wear them over thin leggings or bet on capri pants.

Sports top

The most important item in a woman’s sports wardrobe is a sports top. A supportive top is critical to any workout where you plan to move actively. Fitted seamless models with thick straps will suit you.

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