Men’s laser hair removal: myth or reality?


Among consumers of cosmetic procedures, men’s hair removal is becoming more and more popular.  The service is popularized by actors, models, singers, TV presenters, athletes.  However, it is not only public people who want to look well-groomed and feel confident.

Depilacion laser masculina barcelona helps to achieve ideal skin smoothness for men. It is the safest, most comfortable, fast and effective way to remove facial and body hair.

Features of laser hair removal

The technology of the procedure is no different from the female version.  During the session, the laser beam acts on melanin, a pigment found in the hair follicles.  Heating destroys the nutrition of the follicle and leads to its death.  As a result, the hair falls out and stops growing.

The difference between female and male hair removal lies only in the duration of the sessions and the duration of the course.  This is due to the greater density and stiffness of the hair.  To achieve smoothness, women need 4-8 sessions on average, while men need 8-10 sessions.

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