Your smile is the secret of attraction

You bought a bunch of new things, but still something prevents your image from being stunning. What is this? Clothing and jewelry greatly influence our image, but not in the same way as a healthy complexion and smile can. The moment a smile appears on your face, the tone of your body rises. All organs begin to work more efficiently. Laughing and smiling increase the amount of antibodies in the human organism, which help us fight diseases and infections, improving the functioning of the immune system.

However, if your teeth are not in the best condition, you should see Dentist in Crawley first.

A dentist is not a salesman, not a master craftsman, he is first and foremost a doctor, although the first and second are also important. Therefore, the main thing in a dentist, like any other doctor, is professionalism and a desire to help people. Some patients traditionally divide the qualities of a doctor into two categories: personal and professional. Typically, a good dentist should combine these two qualities.

A real dentist should be well versed not only in his narrow specialization, but also in all areas of dentistry (therapy, surgery, orthopedics, orthodontics, implantation, etc.) in order to effectively participate in complex treatment and be able to explain all its nuances to the patient. To be able to refer for consultation to a doctor of a related specialty, if necessary. He is able to quickly draw up a psychological portrait of the patient, consider his individual characteristics to identify in advance those who are not interested in treatment and “problem patients”.

He must also fully inform the patient about the upcoming treatment, its cost and duration, obtain consent for interventions and correctly fill out the necessary medical documentation, constantly improve himself, improve the quality of treatment, master new technologies and techniques, keep abreast of new trends in dentistry.

Image by Jasmaine Cook from Pixabay

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